There is a method to the science communications madness


A curiosity about health, wellness, nutrition, medicine and science has produced interesting assignments in the food, diet supplement and consumer products industries including:

  • Creating a New Category of Wellness Based on Cutting-Edge Science

There is no doubt that a diet of heavily processed foods, agricultural herbicides and antibiotics, GMOs are killing our immune system, our body’s first line of defense against illness. Seventy percent of the immune system is in our gastrointestinal tract. The best science available states that we need 20,000-30,000 different strains of good gut bacteria to permit the immune system to function normally, as Mother Nature intended. But, the typical probiotic delivers less than 24 different strains of bacteria. What if you developed a product that revolutionized our understanding of gut health, that blocked gluten sensitivity, that prevented environmental toxicants from entering the bloodstream and attacking every organ of the body, that creates the environment for biological diversity in gut flora? The product wins the most prestigious awards from the digestive health supplement industry. It works in about 20 minutes. You create a new website, load it with the latest information for consumers and healthcare professionals, launch the product at Expo West. The booth is swamped, the Twitter traffic is amazing and you have in place exactly what Dr. David Perlmutter is talking about in his New York Times bestselling-book “BRAINCHANGE.”

  • How to Revive a Morbid Category:
    Bone Health Supplements for Post-Menopausal Women?

Although recent polling shows that most post-menopausal women are aware of the risks associated with brittle bones, less than half are doing anything about it. The calcium supplement is in decline. Something new is needed to spur growth. A small, science-based ingredient manufacturer develops a proprietary formula of collagen and calcium that beats, in a Randomized Controlled Study conducted by one of the nation’s leading experts, regular calcium supplements in terms of bone flexibility and strength. A national press release and strong social media campaign produces an almost vertical spike in website hits and orders.

Publication and media promotion of randomized controlled trial
coupled with huge social media push which resulted in
major spike in website hits and sales